Humour kya hai?

I think humour sensitizes people about things they or anyone around them feels awkward talking about. I think joking about anything and everything is okay as long as we know that it is a joke and not the way to be. However, I was told that racist jokes or any identity related jokes are ‘just not done’ by someone today, as i cracked this supremely racist joke (although i just realised that it had got nothing to do with race).

Why do black people only get nightmares?
That’s because the last one who got a dream got shot in the head.


I am called a masterji ka beta and sampadak every single time i meet two of my closest friends and yet here i am, killing it. So no, not everybody understands or digests jokes the same way i have learned to do and i don’t expect the same from anyone, thus i define my lines.

But this is not so much about getting offended or being discriminatory. I think humour makes people talk about things they wouldn’t normally. I have my own taste and so does everyone else, and surely, racist jokes on sufferers must be toll-taking stuff for them. Yet you see a Zakir Khan taking the case of his own community and so many Sardars cracking jokes on themselves with regard to 12 AM. On the other hand, you also see Hindus banning beef for the entire country out of which more than 80 million are beef eaters. Although this one is more like force-it-down-your-throat kind of joke.

So how far does it pan out for us, as people to accept, banish or just let go of humour that is not the most digestible? Is it okay to crack all kinds of jokes or is that not a responsible way to live? I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. Every time i conclude as i had, by the end of graduation (three years of college with two assholes down your throat makes you invulnerable) another opinion gallops in from isolation and i am left tied down.

I want to know what the collective feels. Please help.

Check out the discussion that took place here.


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